Kameo Chambers

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University of Pittsburgh | Bradford

Kameo Chambers is a junior from Philadelphia, PA attending the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. She is majoring in interdisciplinary arts specializing in graphic design and writing. She is the 2021 Laing Art Award winner. She is also the chief editor and designer for the award-winning campus literary magazine, Baily's Beads. Kameo is an editor, published writer, freelance designer and photographer, content creator, and Certified Nurse Assistant. One of her most recent accomplishments is her project "Fight Against Covid-19" with the Medical Society of Eastern Pennsylvania; she created T-shirt designs and banners. Her banners are located in 10 charter and private schools in West Philadelphia. She loves music and has many hobbies, one of her favorites is creating music visuals for local artists in her community. After Kameo graduates, she plans on getting her MFA and becoming an art professor.  
International Experience Summary:

Kameo Chambers had the opportunity to take her studies abroad in Sweden, and Croatia through the provider DIS Abroad located in Stockholm, Sweden. While in Stockholm, Kameo took two courses, one to learn how to tell a story through photography and the other to experience the career of a travel writer. The photography course enlightened her by visiting various exhibitions, art galleries, and lessons from real-world photographers. This class ignited a creative skill that was laid dormant in Kameo, rekindling her photographer’s eye. It showed her that photography is more than just pressing a button on a camera. The travel writing course opened her world view on the travel industry and jumpstarted her career as a travel writer. This class unveiled storytelling cheat codes and helped her cultivate her unique voice. On her study tour in Croatia, Kameo was introduced to their fascinating culture and traditions. Outside of the classroom, Kameo made her mark on Sweden. As a DIS Summer Writer, she shared her experiences during her time abroad. In her free time, Kameo published several travel blog posts in Sweden, her artwork has been exhibited and published, she starred in a commercial, and had the opportunity to learn from renowned photographers, and an award-winning writer