Sophia Comport

International Experience Country:
South Korea
Cohort Year:
Home Institution:

Temple University

Growing up in her hometown of Philadelphia, Sophia Comport attended The Rock School, a pre-professional ballet school that brings in students from around the world. She joined the school at age 4 and continued dancing there for 14 years, eventually becoming a full-time dance student at the highest level while also participating in their academic program. From her experience dancing and forming friendships with peers from foreign countries, she developed a deep interest and appreciation for foreign languages and cultures. Sophia is currently learning Korean in a course at her university, as well as for self-studying Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese, which she started learning in high school. As a current advertising major at Temple University, she is pursuing the art direction concentration to continue to cultivate her creative side. She also looks forward to continuing to build her performance skills with dance and musical theatre in college. With her background in ballet dancing, passion for creative design, and interest in a foreign culture, Sophia brings a unique perspective to the worlds of performing arts and advertising. She hopes to bring her ambition abroad, experiencing new countries and cultures firsthand while pursuing her goals.