Jensynia Baynes

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Washington & Jefferson College

Jensynia Baynes is a sophomore Biology Major at Washington and Jefferson College. In the future, she hopes to attend Grad school and pursue a career in genetic counseling. Her interest in science sparked when she was in high school after participating in various science programs. One of Jensynia's most rewarding experiences has been attending the SWE conference in Minneapolis in 2018. Jensynia hopes in the future, she can bring a love of science to at-risk kids. Jensynia enjoys science, art, and traveling.  
International Experience Summary:

 Jensynia Baynes spent five weeks living in the beautiful Chaing Mai, Thailand. While in Thailand, she took three exceptional courses, Thai language, Traditional Thai Medicine, and Thai Cuisine. In the Thai language course, she was able to learn not only the common Thai language but also many social aspects of Thai culture. She enjoyed and delighted in several Thai cuisines with many local and habitual drinks. Inside and within Thai Medicine, she observed and was taught the-4 elements of Thai medicine, its fundamental importance to the human body, and the value of Thai Massage. Jensynia received hands-on instruction from a long-established professor trained in Thai medicine and Masseuse Arts. While in her company Jensynia discovered and absorbed Thai massage and its many health benefits. She also learned Thai yoga and various method and natural remedies that can be used to treat injuries and illnesses. Jensynia, a lover of various international cuisines, also engaged and enlisted in an intensive and rigorous Thai cooking course. She was instructed in and was trained to know three Thai desserts and six local Thai dishes.

While In Chiang Mai, she went on multiple tours and trips. One of the most memorable tours she went on was the elephant tour, where she just had the opportunity to visit an elephant sanctuary where she learned the routine of the Karen communities. After learning about elephant history, different types of elephants, and their daily routines. Jensynia made elephant food, fed the elephants, and swam with the Asian elephants. The tour also offered bamboo rafting which provided a joyous experience for sightseeing and more chances to see these large animals in their natural habit. Jensynia, a lover of ceramic crafts and arts, also got the fantastic opportunity to tour and travel to the Craft and Culture experience. While there, she explored and witnessed the Chiang Mai Celadon glazed ceramics factory, where she was able to tour both the factory and the owner’s private collection. Later she was able to create and paint her own pottery and enjoy a traditional Thai lunch. Jensynia’s experience in Thailand opened her eye to how she can help her community by following the lead of Thai medical providers/workers. She plans to teach ways medicine and health care can be implemented in affordable and effective ways. Jensynia will treasure this experience for the reason of her life.



Community Engagement Experience Summary:

CEE Title: “Let’s Get in the Know: Discover the Secrets to Study Abroad”

The Vira Heinz scholarship afforded me the opportunity to have my most enriching experience, which proved to be a lifelong journey full of possibilities. I wanted to share my experience to inspire students to fulfill their dreams and open a new world through our CEE. My group's CEE project was a presentation/panel-based event that focused on teaching students about Study aboard opportunities, the information they might need to know while/during/after traveling, and things they might encounter aboard. Additionally, we highlighted our own unique experiences abroad and provided a panel for other international students to share their experiences. Lastly, we offered a Q&A session for students to ask any other questions that were not answered during the presentation. We hope that with our presentation, we will allow students with little to no knowledge to learn more about the benefits of studying abroad and how they can start the process. After many discussions, it is clear to see many scholarship opportunities at Washington Jefferson College go unclaimed because of a lack of communication and information. The message of these opportunities just isn't getting out. If our CEE can even convince one person to apply to study abroad, I consider it a personal success. I hope our CEE touched our participants' hearts and enlightened them about the wonders of world travel.