Corinee Lloyd

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Chatham University

Corinne Lloyd is a second-year undergraduate in the honors program at Chatham University who is in the Integrated Degree Program for a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology. Her other fields of study include a minor in Social Work and a minor in Sustainability. On campus, Corinne is a member of the Community Service Club as well as Chatham Student Power where she has had many opportunities to engage with the campus and broader community. Her interests include all things outdoors, specifically exploring National Parks and gardening, as well as going to concerts and snowboarding. In her free time, she can be found crocheting at the cafe or reading in a hammock on the quad. Corinne is also passionate about social justice and environmentalism and hopes to incorporate these into her work after graduating. A long-term career goal for Corinne would be to work in a community mental health center where she can work with individuals and ideally incorporate nature and gardening into the therapy process. While Corinne has only traveled within the United States, she is eager to see more of the world and be immersed in new cultures.