Dahlia Saenz

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Chatham University

Dahlia Saenz is a second–year undergraduate student at Chatham University, from Grand Junction, Colorado. She is currently working towards her degree in Music Technology and is on the brink of declaring a double major (or minor) in Media Arts. She is passionate about the arts, music, Latin-American culture, and creating space for other minorities to express themselves authentically. Most recently, she endeavored the establishment of the Latine Student Association on Chatham's campus. Through this minority-interest organization and teamwork, she has been able to hold several events in hopes of providing a comfortable atmosphere for her peers and expanding Latin-American students' presence in higher education. She craves to understand every aspect of music creation, more specifically the engineering of it, hence a major in music technology. She enjoys playing in bands, practicing guitar, and bringing people together through music. Likewise, she considers any medium of creating an opportunity to highlight her personality and takes pleasure in making YouTube videos as well as publishing her art on social media.