Lily Wilson

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University of Pittsburgh | Oakland

Lily Wilson is a Junior at the University of Pittsburgh studying History, German, and Political Science. She is also pursuing a certificate in Central European Studies with a concentration in German history. She feels fortunate that Pitt allows her to pursue all her academic passions and provides great mentors and opportunities. Lily's passion for reading has fostered a life-long love of learning, and because of this, she hopes to remain in school for as long as possible. She aims to earn a master's degree, and maybe even a Ph.D., in Public History. Lily participates in numerous organizations at Pitt including Women in Politics, Be the Match, and Hard Hitters, a club that teaches volleyball skills to underprivileged youth. She is also a member of Delta Phi Alpha and Phi Alpha Theta, the national German and History honors societies. She is currently employed as an intern at the German American Chamber of Commerce.