Hajjar Littles

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University of Pittsburgh | Oakland

Hajjar Littles is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Psychology with a minor in Africana Studies and a certificate in Conceptual Foundations of Medicine. She hopes to pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology with a focus on adolescents. In the future, she wants to help young adults struggling with the intersectionality of their BIPOC and LGBTIA+ identities. One of her long-term goals is to provide pro bono therapy to a community center aiding low-income and houseless youth. In Jordan, she wants to learn about the mental health disparities that the refugees she'll be working with experience and how to address these problems as a future therapist. She is the youngest of 6 children, but the first to go to college which means she is responsible for tutoring all her nieces and nephews. She is from Delaware and still struggling to comprehend what state tax is because of it. When she isn't napping, Hajjar enjoys reading and listening to fiction podcasts.