Austin Legnine

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Robert Morris University

Austin Legnine is a young woman who wants to help others and make the most of her life. She is a nursing major at Robert Morris University and works part-time as a PCA in a local hospital. Almost a dozen clubs on the RMU campus know her as a dedicated member or a hard-working eboard leader. Hiking, weightlifting, reading, and plans with friends help keep her grounded in the chaos of college life. There are few opportunities she will turn down because she has a constant desire to learn and expand her world. She always shares her experiences with other women because her proudest moments are when she inspires others to challenge themselves as well. When Austin came to college as a shy teenager, she made herself a promise to try new and uncomfortable experiences. She wants to grow old with memories, not regrets of what could have been. That is why she is challenging herself to step out of her cultural bubble in America and explore a new country.