Nadia Bodarni

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Temple University

Nadia Bodnari is a music therapy major at Temple University with a concentration in voice. She loves music, and it is her main passion in and outside of her major. She hopes to use her musical skills to become the best music therapist she can be, specifically working with children with autism or neonatal care once graduated. She loves to shop and try new foods with her mother, Krista, and loves to watch new shows with friends. She's pretty introverted, but this doesn't mean she isn’t confident. She loves to work with children and misses her big family back home in rural Southeast Pennsylvania. Her family are immigrants from Romania but have lived in the states since 1984 and she would love to visit Romania or Europe. She is so excited to be a part of the VIH Program, learn about everyone's life experiences, and grow individually. Overall, she is so eager to travel in the future and believes an experience abroad will help her with her future profession.