Anna Polacek

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Temple University

Anna Polacek is a Junior at Temple University, currently majoring in Film and Media Arts with a concentration in Screenwriting and a minor in Religion Studies. Anna's focus of study comes from a lifelong passion for telling stories and examining how the media we interact with shapes us. Anna is from Chicago and graduated the elected valedictorian of a Title 1 high school. Outside of studying, Anna is either found working as a front-of-house restaurant staff or creating art in a wide variety of mediums. One of these mediums is a digital illustration, something Anna was able to turn into something of a small business, taking commissions from people who wanted their ideas drawn in her distinct art style. Anna is an active member of Temple Pilots, a club that produces television pilots entirely based on student ideas. When not working with Pilots, Anna can be found assisting other media majors with various projects. Anna's postgraduate dreams would find her creating a limited series about her hometown, wanting to share that unique experience of coming of age with a broader audience, an audience she hopes to better understand through global travel.