Olivia Petry

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University of Pittsburgh | Greensburg

Olivia Petry is a second-year Psychology major and Criminal Justice minor who grew up in a small historic town in Pennsylvania. She spends most of her time studying outside or with family on days she has off. She works on her campus in the admissions office as a tour guide and loves meeting prospective students. Olivia has made it a goal to take advantage of her college life both educationally and through experiences since she loves to learn and approaches things with an open mind. Her biggest passion in life is kindness since she believes that saving a life is as easy as making a new friend. She has seen and dealt with the firsthand effects that suicide has on people and has made it a mission to talk more openly about the topic and prevention. Olivia believes that by learning about people different from herself, she can offer better information and have a stronger foundation to build a community of awareness.