Ashley Navarro

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Washington & Jefferson College

Ashley Navarro, a sophomore at Washington & Jefferson College is a daughter of two immigrant parents and a first-generation student. As a child, Ashley was taught that education was a privilege rather than a simple obligation. That helped her see the true value of education and the endless possibilities and doors it can open for her. Although she loved being an older sister and the oldest child, it came with pressures that she wasn't sure she was always going to be able to handle. Some of these challenges included and were not limited to learning how to read government-officiated papers at a very young age, acting and serving as an interpreter at a very young age, and carrying the feeling that her family was counting on her to become the most successful person she can be and take advantage of the opportunities that were given. With, Ashley is resilient and embraces adversity to help her become a better person to her family and to the world. She enjoys spending time with her family, studying, and serving in her community. She dreams of traveling to enter an unknown world that can be filled with beautiful memories and experiences. She wants to experience all the things her parents never got to and show her family that she is forever grateful for chasing the American Dream, even if it wasn't what it set out to be. Ashley is compassionate, driven, and ready to start a new chapter of her life.