Antonell Robinson

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University of Pittsburgh | Bradford

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Children, Youth, and Families
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International Experience Summary:

Antonell Robinson, a psychology major with a minor in education studied abroad in Copenhagen Denmark for 6 weeks before entering her third year at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. While abroad, Antonell had the opportunity to take two courses, Psychology of Human Sexuality and Cross-Cultural Psychology. Where she learned about how sexuality is viewed in Denmark and how it is completely different than America. She learned that in Denmark you are allowed to express who you are sexually without there being any judgement. With her first class she took a trip to the world’s first lgbt nursing home where she was able to interview the elderly. There she learned that in Denmark the partners are able to stay with each other and are allowed privacy to do the things they want to do. Unlike in America often partners get separated and do not have the privacy to relax with each other if they would like to. Listening to the elderly speak at the nursing home opened Antonell’s eyes to the things she could not see before, she never thought twice about the elderly not being able to have that alone time with one another but now she knows that is something that they need. With this knowledge she will be able to pass this along to others and as a psychologist she will be able to express to families how it is important for the elderly to have privacy and one on one time with their partner.

In her second course cross-cultural psychology her eyes were opened to the cultural differences between America and Denmark. In Denmark processed food are not allowed and their medication is not allowed to have a lot of drug in it so often times it does not work. In Denmark their health is valued more than in America for instincts they have free health care while in America often people cannot afford it.  She also learned that Denmark has the highest rates for antidepressants but not the highest rate for people who are depressed. In Denmark she visited Muhabet an activity center for traumatized refugees where they can go be with people who share their same langue, culture, and customs until they are fully acclimated to the Danish culture.  Antonell went to Denmark confused about the world and came back with an opened mind, she now realizes that the only thing that truly matters is your happiness. 

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

CEE Title: Stop the PB & J

Our CEE was Stop The PB & J where we focused on more of the positive things from our country that would be nice if we adopted them here in Amerca. For our CEE I started off by discussing the courses that I took abroad and what I learned and seen from being in a different country. Then I went into my sexuality and acceptance part of the presentation which is where my focus was for my part of being in Denmark. I asked the audience what they thought about different scenarios such as a woman walking in a bikini down the street, a baby being breastfed, people kissing in public (hetero or homosexual), and someone using the bathroom outside. I let them respond to each scenario first then told them why those should not be issues because they are not harming anyone and how in Denmark those are not issues.