Julia Rodriquez

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Duquesne University

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Economic Opportunity
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International Experience Summary:

Julia Rodriguez spent her summer in Dublin, Ireland exploring the very colorful and changing city. Through Duquesne University students stayed at the St. Michael’s house, which is rented and or provided through the Spiritians. The St. Michael’s house is surrounded by many foreign embassies building and is on one of the many famous roads in Ireland. Ailesbury road is so famous it is even listed on the Irish Monopoly board! At the St. Michael’s house Julia stayed with the other nursing, business, and Chinese exchange students during her time in Ireland. While also in Ireland, Julia attended University College Dublin (UCD), where she took a nursing evidence base practice course with a multitude of other American students from all over the United States. While at UCD, Julia learned the importunacy of evidence based practice and how that is crucial within the clinical side and translating it into the hospital. Ireland as a country is currently working on changing their healthcare system, even a women member of Parliament came and visited the American students to speak on about the purposed changes to healthcare. Julia was able to compare the United States’ healthcare system to Ireland’s system, and how each system effected their patients.

When not in the classroom, Julia explored the city and learned the tips and tricks of the Irish. She even learned how to pour the perfect glass of Guinness while at the factory and the importance of the industry to Ireland. She noticed all the famous colorful door all throughout the city and even walked on Grafton street. Julia even was able to follow some traditional Irish artist around the city of Dublin, and learned about songs versus tunes and the many instruments that are used in traditional Irish music. When not in the city, Julia went and hiked the Wicklow Mountains and was amazed by the beauty and the preserved monk’s tower that was centuries old. She also had time to go into the country side of Ireland and visit the Cliffs of Moher and even up to Belfast, Northern Ireland. On the weekends Julia had the chance to travel throughout Europe to countries such as France, Spain, and Great Britain. She was even able to visit Scotland and meet up with her family after her program ended for a traditional Scottish wedding. While in Scotland, she hiked the tallest waterfall in all of Great Britain. Overall, Julia had a very rewarding trip where she learned not only about another culture but also herself. She came home even more appreciative of her own country, after talking with many people abroad and reflecting on what she had just in her own backyard. Julia learned the importance of taking the time to learn about other cultures other than her own, and this will translate into her practice as a healthcare provider. Julia will also practice this in her leadership position within Duquesne University’s community as a resident assistant.

Community Engagement Experience Summary:

CEE Title: “Let’s TACO bout Consumption”

Our event aimed to spark a conversation on campus about over-consumption both abroad and throughout our local community from economical, community, and environmental standpoints. Although drastic changes do not happen immediately, talking about the simple changes we can make in our daily lives and educating peers can start a chain reaction to better the world via reducing wastefulness. We invited students and staff of Duquesne University to participated in an open discussion about over-consumption and the effects globally. We wanted our attendees to both learn and converse about what steps need to be taken daily to solve and bring attention to this issue of wastefulness that has overtaken “society.” Our event started out by watching the film known as “The Story of Stuff” and from there we took time to reflect on how this not only effects our country but also has a global presence. Participants were made aware of the effects it takes within our own country, but also those around us negatively.  Each VIH awardee also reflected on the perspective and experiences from their host countries and applied this to the concepts presented. The VIH awardees and the attendees then participated in roundtable discussions, broken by each of the three topics. During each of the discussion, participants discussed and listened to each other’s perspectives on the topics provided. Ideas and examples were exchanged on how we as a community could change how we consume and how this could better society on a global spectrum. The program wrapped up by having participants write down their take away and what they will change on a piece of paper. Allowing a friendly reminder of the discussion and changes they are striving to make.