Podcast Artwork

This podcast is all about art and expression. During the podcast, particpants discuss and reference some of their own artwork. Below you can find the pieces referenced during the podcast . 

Click here to read the peom "Orbit" by Lincoln Vira Shaniece Holmes (2019).

Click here to read an excerpt from "Outer Limits," a working novel from Carina Stopenski (Chatham, 2017).

Click here to watch the documentary "Routes to Roots" from Natalie Vazquez (Chatham, 2011). See more of Natalie's work at https://www.nvideocreations.com/. 


Photograph by Beth Barbis (RMU,2018) . See more of Beth's work at https://bethbarbis.com/ 



Photograph by Crystal Durachko (Thiel, 2017)