Sarah Levine

Sarah is a Clinical Research Coordinator at the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Neurology. With over five years of academia and industry research experience across therapeutic areas, Sarah enjoys conducting clinical trials through making a meaningful impact to people's health while contributing to the longevity of science. Sarah graduated from Temple University Honors college in 2018 with a distinction in neuroscience having studied both neuroscience and public policy. During undergrad, she advocated for basic student needs such as food and housing insecurity which helped lead to the institutionalization of Temples first food pantry, "The Cherry Pantry."

A member of the 2017 VIH Cohort, Sarah traveled to the Netherlands to study their Social Policies and their Public Healthcare system. That same year Sarah was hosted on the Rosebud Reservation in the Lakota Nation (South Dakota) learning firsthand about Lakota Culture and their history before and after colonization, and the long term consequences today. The stark differences in communities, cultures, and histories, highlighted the room for change and shaped how Sarah views being a global citizen on a day to day basis.
In her free time, Sarah enjoys visiting art museums, experimenting with baking, and wearing a mask. Sarah is excited to pass along the professional tips she has learned over the years with her fellow Vira's and wants to remind the Vira's of how incredibly powerful they all are.