CEE Tools

Below are a variety of tools that can help make the CEE planning process easier. 

Contacting Your Campus Coordinator

Once you have the outline of your event and have narrowed down a date for your CEE, it is important to send an invitation to your Campus Coordinator. Not only do you want to make sure they can attend, but they may also need to reserve a room for your event. The template below gives some best practices to keep in mind when emailing your Campus Coordinator.

Structuring Meetings

What distinguishes a good meeting from an excellent meeting?  One crucial element to take into consideration is building an inclusive environment and ensuring that everyone’s insights are taken into account. Tools to help you to achieve this are meeting agendas and meeting minutes. 

  • Agendas and Meeting minutes - Below are two different sample agenda formats. After the agenda for a week is complete, whoever is responsible for recording meeting notes/meeting minutes can use the agenda to do so.
  • Time Management


Finding a time to meet that works for all of your group members can be difficult. These two tools are commonly used for group scheduling and are useful for finding times that overlap for all of your team members.