Experience Report

The purpose of the Experience Report is to document the depth and quality of your cultural immersion and to initiate a process of reflection. The Experience Report should give the reader a sense of what you accomplished, not what you saw. Components of your Experience Report will be turned in to the Heinz Endowments and may be posted on the VIH website.

The tourist travelers visit another country hoping that their “own way of living will be enriched but not changed by the experience of seeing others:" the point of an international experience is to have VIH Scholars view the contact and communication with others as “an opportunity to learn and be educated, acquiring the capacity to critique and improve their own and others’ conditions”(Byram, Teaching and Assessing Intercultural Communicative Competence, 1997).



August 1 - Email you campus coordinator to set up a time to review your Experience Report

August. 10 - Email your finalized Experience Report to your Campus Coordinator and the Program Director

Cohort Experience Report

Experience Report Instructions