Scholars FAQ


Where does the conference take place? 

Both the Spring and Fall Conference takes place in Pittsburgh, PA 

I go to school in Pittsburgh, do I have to stay at the hotel? 

Yes, your stay at the Wyndham is an opportunity to meet other Viras in your Cohort. Additionally, your stay will not come at any cost to you. 

What do I have to bring? 

We recommend that you pack what you need for two nights and three days. This may include toiletries (ex: toothbrush, facewash, contact solution, facewash, etc), business casual clothes, medication, etc. 

How do I get from the airport to the hotel? 

If you are traveling to the hotel from the airport you can utilize the Pittsburgh Regional Transit Bus. The 28X Airport Flyer is the bus line that will bring your straight from the airport to the University of Pittsburgh Campus where the hotel is located. The fare for a single trip is $2.75 and you will need the EXACT change to pay for your fare. 

Directions from the airport: At the airport, you will want to make your way to Lower Level Door 2 to catch an inbound bus. You will get off at Fifth Ave & Tennyson Ave. You will then cross the street and

 walk up the "hill" towards the Wyndham hotel on your lefthand side. The entrance of the hotel is under the archway on your left. 

Experience Report

Where can I find the questions for the experience report?

You can find the Experience Report Instructions here

Who do I send my Experience Report to?  

Please email your Final Experience Report and five photos to your Campus Coordinator AND the VIH Director. 

When do I have to send my Experience Report in by? 

Final Experience Reports are due September 1st

Community Engagement Experience (CEE) 

Do I complete my  CEE alone? 

Your CEE will be completed in a team with the other Viras from your institution. There is also an opportunity to work across campuses, especially if you are the only awardee from your institution. 

What sort of event do I create? 

Your CEE is your time to be creative and construct an event that will best carry out your team's goals. Viras in the past have done cooking shows, fundraisers, workshops, film festivals, and so on. For more ideas and examples check out the CEE Templates Page 

When do I have to complete my CEE by and when is my CEE report due? 

CEE's must be completed in the Fall Semester and CEE Reports are due January 30th