Tahmina Ahmed

Tahmina Ahmed was born in Flushing, NY but has lived in Pittsburgh, PA her entire life. Tahmina’s parents are natively from Afghanistan and Uzbekistan and immigrated to the US in 1989. Although Tahmina’s mother was a Doctor in her country, Tahmina was the first in her immediate family who graduated with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and International studies from Chatham University in 2017.

During her undergrad years, Tahmina was very involved in leadership roles such as student government, being a Resident Assistant, being a Vira Leader, a Bonner Leader and volunteering in her community. Tahmina studied abroad in Berlin, Germany in the Summer of 2015 where she practiced her German fluency and observed the refugee integration culture at the height of the European refugee crisis. Currently, Tahmina has been working as a paralegal at Steele Schneider for more than 2 years and is on the path of starting a Masters in Public Administration program next year. Tahmina is fluent in Dari and has a working proficiency in Spanish and German. In her free time, Tahmina enjoys spending time with her family, going biking/hiking with her husband, reading, eating, cooking and watching Netflix.