Vira Talks - Learning



Laurel Murray’s (2017 Cohort) ViraTalk, ‘Circle Up and Save the World: Using the Tax System to Transition From a Linear to a Circular Economy’ explored different ways to structure our tax system so as to create a more just society.






Brittany Reyes’ (2013 Cohort) ViraTalk, ‘Intersectionality: Making Space At The Table,’ shared best practices for creating space for diverse voices.






Megan Wall’s (2014 Cohort) ViraTalk, ‘Power to the Polls,’ inspired and empowered Viras to increase their level of political activism.






Yazmin Bennett-Kelly’s (2017 Cohort) ViraTalk, ‘Culturally Responsive Pedagogical Practices,’ detailed ways to create more equitable and inclusive educational spaces, on multiple levels.




Impact - Viras wrote postcards to their local representatives on topics such as vaccinations, women’s health, renewable energy, health insurance, and voting rights.