Vira Talks - Sustainability



Rachel Meyer’s (2012 Cohort) ViraTalk, ‘Renewable Energy Island,’ shared the ways in which Samso island of Denmark runs on 100 percent renewable energy.  To be sure, Rachel’s VIH international experience took place in Denmark, and she currently works there in the field of wind energy.






Ashley McCray’s (2013 Cohort) ViraTalk, ‘Sustainability With the Brands You Love,’ elevated our level of consciousness with respect to how consumers can demand that companies implement more sustainable practices.






Julie Fornaciari’s (2014 Cohort) ViraTalk, ‘Diversifying the Energy Landscape with Hydrogen Technology,’ examined how hydrogen technology can be used to produce more sustainably sourced energy. 





Mary Hassan’s (2014 Cohort) ViraTalk, ‘The Eco Footprint in Iceland,’ raised the profile of how Iceland has been able to reduce its footprint and to live more sustainably. To be sure, Mary’s VIH-funded international experience took place in Iceland, and she is currently concluding a graduate degree there.





Impact - Viras participated in a gallery walk & brainstormed about how to implement sustainability in their everyday lives.